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Yoga has always been in my life through cultural and family heritage. From a young age, I chose to pursue my personal yogic interests: guided and inspired by my family, culture and Indian heritage.


With a lifetime of yoga and a lifestyle through which everything I do is in one form or another yoga, my path lead me to teach yoga. In teaching yoga, I can express my gratitude to my teachers and fellow yogis by sharing my experiences and knowledge of Yoga – both on a physical level and also on a mental-emotional level. I bring the best of what I have learnt, gained and received from yoga to your class with me.  


My yoga practice is based on the principles of hatha yoga. A practice focussed on cultivating awareness to harmonise the mind, body and soul.

Classes have a strong emphasis on breath control, improving posture and body alignment and developing strength, endurance and flexibility through energising yoga asanas. We practice deep relaxation and mediation both through movement and in stillness.


Om Shanti. 


"Life is a sacred journey: Yoga gives you awareness of this journey.

With awareness you can liberate the potential of the mind, body and soul".